All children deserve to grow up in healthy communities. That’s why community water fluoridation is so important. It’s one of the greatest advances in our nation’s public health during the past century. Community Water Fluoridation is simply adjusting the natural level of fluoride in our drinking water to help prevent tooth decay.


Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in all water sources, even our local rivers, lakes, and oceans, as well as many wells. It helps harden tooth enamel, protecting against decay.

Unfortunately, some in our community would like to remove the beneficial levels of fluoride added to our water and put the health of our community’s children and residents of all ages at risk. We ask you to vote NO on Issue 1A this April.

Water fluoridation is a scientifically proven, time-tested approach to improve dental health. For more than 70 years, millions of Americans have benefited from fluoridated water. The best available scientific evidence consistently indicates that community water fluoridation is perfectly safe.

It is also an investment that offers a tremendous return. The lifetime cost per person to fluoridate a community’s water supply is less than the cost of one dental filling.


When municipal water supplies began fluoridating water generations ago, it represented a big stride toward improving public health. The most vulnerable, at-risk members of our community, especially children, have benefited profoundly. Tooth decay has been reduced by 25 percent in children and adults. Indeed, optimally fluoridating our water has been one of our greatest public health achievements to keep our community healthy.

Not surprisingly, the greatest supporters of community water fluoridation are pediatricians and dentists, who see not only the benefits of good oral health, but also the consequences that result when children suffer from tooth decay.


Durango has provided its community with fluoridated water for 60 years. It is vital that we sustain Durango’s long-standing policy of safely supplementing the natural level of fluoride in our drinking water. It will help ensure a healthy future for all Durango residents, in every walk of life.

An attempt on the upcoming local ballot to ban water fluoridation is terribly misguided and based on misconceptions and untruths about fluoride. The ballot proposal would roll back generations of progress, especially for our most disadvantaged families, while offering no conceivable benefit.

For the sake of our community’s public heath, please vote NO on 1A.